12 signs of women attention


A woman expresses herself not only with the help of words. She can twist her hair, or touch you accidentally. Or crosses her legs, not on purpose of course... If she wants you, she will find a way to tell you that without a single word, simply by sending you SEXUAL SIGNALS. The worse thing is, if a lady faces a blockhead, who does not perceive a thing!<br> <br> <strong>1. Close contact </strong><br> A woman as if unexpectedly approaches you, she wants to come closer, and she slowly enters your zone - about 40 centimeters left to your face. She awaits a reciprocal action. Let's say you smiled to her, hugged her...<br> <em>A woman has to remember</em>: sometimes stupid blocks come into scene. No, even more stupid.<br> <em>A man has to remember</em>: if you hugged her, don't let her go, till she realizes that you understand her.<br> <br> <strong>2. Armpit demonstration</strong><br> She throws back her shoulders representing slackness, showing her armpits. <br> <em>A woman has to remember</em>: take care of your epilation.<br> <em>A man has to remember</em>: she knows what she does. She would never show this to whoever happens it to be.<br> <br> <strong>3. Hair play </strong><br> Playing with her hair she fingers it, looking at you - a woman evidently WANTS you to touch her hair.<br> <em>A woman has to remember</em>: if HE STRETCHED HIS HAND to touch your hair - he is yours.<br> <em>A man has to remember</em>: it can be an evident sign of her obtrusive sexual desire.<br> <br> <strong>4. Unobtrusive exhibitionism</strong> <br> A dress slips down her shoulder, but she doesn't notice that. And, please pay an attention - it happens exactly when YOU are looking at her...<br> <em>A woman has to remember</em>: such tricks in site of your boyfriend are VERY dangerous.<br> <em>Men have to remember</em>: please don't think it is hot inside, she wants intimacy.<br> <br> <strong>5. Neck demonstration</strong> <br> She as if moves up her neck, looks quite defenseless.<br> <em>A woman has to remember</em>: are you sure you want it?<br> <em>A man has to remember</em>: praise her hair if you want to achieve something tonight.<br> <br> <strong>6. Shy geisha</strong><br> She turns off her eyes - looks too much modest and shy. RIGHT SIGN: she evidently wants to get know you!<br> <em>A woman has to remember</em>: if you keep your eyes fixed on something else for too long, he can look somewhere else.<br> <em>A man has to remember</em>: if in a minute she looks at you once again - you are a lucky man. Don't miss your chance.<br> <br> <strong>7. Palm</strong> <br> If a woman glances at you having put her chin on her fingers, and her palm is turned to you - this means she is ready to everything.<br> <em>A woman has to remember</em>: watch your palms - don't be misunderstood.<br> <em>A man has to remember</em>: don't think for too long, she can change the position of her palm.<br> <br> <strong>8. Little silly</strong> <br> She starts to giggle, to talk nonsense, and react to things as a little girl.<br> <em>A woman has to remember</em>: he can think you are a bit inadequate.<br> <em>A man has to remember</em>: maybe she does it accidentally, but maybe on purpose.<br> <br> <strong>9. Askance look</strong> <br> A woman steals a look. And repeats this?! She is definitely interested in you, but tries to stay cool. However you will not fool the one familiar with women secrets!<br> <em>A woman has to remember</em>: this kind of exercise is useful to your eyes, it relieves the stress.<br> <em>A man has to remember</em>: to check if there is somebody behind your back these looks can be addressed to - only then the lights are green.<br> <br> <strong>10. Stroking</strong> <br> She strokes her shoulders, hips or adjusts her shoulder-straps.<br> <em>Women have to remember</em>: stroking can turn into scratching when you are young and inexperienced. However, men like when women caress themselves.<br> <em>A man has to remember</em>: she waits you to come and talk to her.<br> <br> <strong>11. Games with jewelry</strong> <br> She looks at you narrowly playing with her necklace (or just fingering something). She wants you to come closer.<br> <em>A woman has to remember</em>: finger whatever you have. However, a show off necklace can scare away.<br> <em>A man has to remember</em>: No: if her chain has just entangled?.. This means - come here, she wants to give you something tasty.<br> <br> <strong>12. Legs demonstration</strong> <br> She can't find a right position, crosses her legs, lifts them up, and swings her shoe. Ohhh!<br> <em>A woman has to remember</em>: pretty legs - is a good gun!<br> <em>A man has to remember</em>: she is just full of unspent sexual energy.<br> <br> Good to use all of these 12 promptings. Don't you think it is better not just to read this article but to try and use these hints as early as today, in subway station, cafe or in the college? <br> The point is not what you can now, but how you can turn your life to the better if today you will start to apply new knowledge to real life. <br> I don't appeal to you to act like this. I just have explained that everybody can learn this.

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