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Stacie [38] from United States
ID: 2524
Name: Stacie
Nickname: Angel Knott
Age: 38
Seeks for: Male
Purpose: Marriage
City: Albany
State: Missouri
Country: United States
Zodiac sign: Aries
Height: 165 / 5' 5"
Body type: About average
Eyes color: Brown
Hair color: Brown
Response factor: 10 %
Vote points: 7.83
Last accessed: 2006-11-09 13:07:00
Spoken Languages: English
Interests: Sports, Movies, Music
About me: Most people describe me as a very active, cheerful person with a great zest for life. And I believe it is really true. I love to enjoy every moment of my life I believe that our life is a great gift. I am communicative, friendly, very open and straightforward I dont believe in lies and hypocrisy. For me sincerity is very important in communication with people. Even though I love to spend time having fun, I can say that I am really responsible in serious maters. You can always rely on me and I will never let you down. Romance and personal relationships are very important for me. Though being very communicative, for me it is not easy to find a very close friend, that is why I value my true friends very much. And here I am to take my chance and try to find some new friends, and maybe, if I am really lucky, to meet a man I will spend my life with. I really hope for that very much.
Member Status: Silver
Stacie is 38 years old and lives in Albany, United States. Stacie is seeking for marriage. Stacie speaks English. Feel free to view pictures of Stacie and her personal ad. Don't hesitate to write a message to Stacie and maybe you'll find a soul mate you have been dreaming of. Take a chance to get known to Stacie from United States. American women are pretty, sweet & kind. If you are looking for a mate - you should first consider single American women. Your true match could be among these nice American women! Look for more photo personals online to find your best match.
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