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Paris [28] from United States
ID: 37574
Name: Paris
Nickname: TexusStar
Age: 28
Seeks for: Male
Purpose: Long-term relationship
City: Houston
Country: United States
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Height: 176 / 5' 9"
Body type: Athletic
Eyes color: Brown
Hair color: Black
Response factor: 20 %
Vote points: 5.5
Last accessed: 2017-08-13 19:11:00
Spoken Languages: English
Interests: Sports, Auto/moto, Movies, Literature, Night clubs, Music, TV/Radio, Art, IT/Internet, Politics, Fashion, Cooking, Theater
About me: I,m Straight Forward Sweet Loyal And Extremely Kind I Love Treating People Real I Am A Very Intelligent Happy Person I,m Passionate I,m Playful I,m Exciting I,m Most Gorgeously Beautiful Inside-And Outside I Love Traveling Shopping I Love Fast Cars And I Am An Excellent Cook If You Are Searching For Something Thats Real And You Want Something That You Can Feel Cast Your Sights On Me.Because Most Of All I,m Just Me. I Am Very Spoiled I Get All That I Want. Including You I Will Get You Too!! I,m Seeking A Man Thats A Go-Getter A Man That Has His Head Together A Sweet Caring Kind Passionate Man Who Is A Self-Made Man A MAN That Loves Flying Traveling Going All Over The World A Jett-Setter A Passionate Exciting Man Who Knows What He Wants And Thats Me
Member Status: Silver
Paris is 28 years old and lives in Houston, United States. Paris is seeking for long-term relationship. Paris speaks English. Feel free to view pictures of Paris and her personal ad. Don't hesitate to write a message to Paris and maybe you'll find a soul mate you have been dreaming of. Take a chance to get known to Paris from United States. American women are pretty, sweet & kind. If you are looking for a mate - you should first consider single American women. Your true match could be among these nice American women! Look for more photo personals online to find your best match.
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