Wanna be a success? Use your 5 senses


How often do girls on the street smile to you, pay to you attention? Sometimes? Never? You wonder what you should do to make it happen?

It is very easy, just use your senses.

First of all, what attracts attention of a girl? You think appearance? You are wrong! There are 5 main aspects that girls value most of all.

Masculinity. Women feel sorry for losers, but are fond of winners.

Confidence. Women like self-confident men. The ones who know what they want, and how to achieve it.

Determination. If you look at the girl for the whole evening, but do not dare to come closer to her, your chances are not high.

Activity. As the man is proud of himself if he comes to the party in a luxurious car, the woman is proud of her man if he is Nr. 1 among the others.

Persistence. Indecisive men are not valued not only by women, but at work either.


If a man possesses these qualities, he can do nothing at all but be a favorite among the women.

Though this is not enough. After you gained her attention, you have to conquer her. How? Just make a first step, or otherwise in the evening you will be again watching football with a bottle of beer.

Now you have to take a second step to call her and ask her for a date, on condition you don't want to spend an evening with you friends instead of staying with her and nicely chatting in a cozy café.

Yes, it is high time to make a third step and invite her to your apartment. This might not be very easy but you must try.

So, don't you think it is much better to try to change yourself than every night to think that the girls you met couldn't have an opportunity to get to know you better.

Advice. What should you pay your attention to?

Your walk should be smooth, slow enough. Pay attention to the way the superstars walk (Johnny Depp, Richard Gere).

Bearing - straighten your shoulders, center of gravity a bit downwards. Keep your head in a way that your chin is parallel to the ground.

Your look should radiate kindness, it is better to smile a bit.

Voice. It is preferable to talk to the girls in a deep voice, which is at the same time ingratiating, confidential, soft and tender.

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